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Welcome to

What does this website do for you?

Use this website service to

  • submit tax returns and other filings in electronic format
  • browse your earlier filings
  • run a check for making sure that the file format is correct is a web gateway for electronic submittal of software-generated tax filings that are set up according to the specified formats. There are no fillable web forms available at this site.

How to sign in?

Log in to on the web with your personal e-bank codes, with a mobile certificate or with a smart card. For more information on authentication through the ApiTamoPKI interface, see guidance on

What filings can you send?

This e-Service is for sending requests and notices to the Finnish Tax Administration and to Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland. On the page Identification methods, authorisations and representation rights, you can find information on the identification and authorisation requirements per data flow.