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Instructions and templates

Supported browsers

The recommended browser technologies for our e-services are: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome. Unfortunately, the interfaces have not been optimized for mobile or portable devices.

Submit more than one files at the same time

You can select multiple files for simultaneous submittal. downloads and uploads files differently depending on the requirements of specific browser software (many browsers let you select multiple files when you press the Ctrl key and hold it down)

Having large filings checked by and sent off immediately after this

  • The check process of large files (containing more than 10 MB) may require a very long time. If you divide the files into smaller parts, or if you compress or zip them, you can speed up the check. The background check within handles large files. It works without any supervision and lets you take care of other things. Later, you will receive the check results by e-mail.

Compression of large files

  • There's no need to zip any files that are smaller than 10MB in size, because you can freely send them as they are in their .txt format.
  • At present, works best with Windows-zipped files.
  • It does not matter what software program you use for compressing the files as long as the file type is .zip.
  • Zip files must not be password protected.
  • Zip files must not have sub-directories.

Guidance for Mac users

  • The compression software in Macintosh computers produces a zip file type specific for Mac environments.
  • They contain a metadata section (__MACOSX) and a metadata file that are incompatible with
  • For this reason, to create a compressed file for in a Mac environment requires a separate software program for compression.
  • An example of these is the YemuZip "free zip tool" ( ), which lets you define "PC" as file type. The result is a compatible zip file with no metadata.

If problems persist, send e-mail to

"Selling new means of transport to a non-VAT taxable person" Excel file

Fill out and submit this form to report your sales of new means of transportation.

Templates to help you create files

On Page Templates consist of Excel files that have been tailored as template files that help you create tax returns and notices. Use them to create name-value-pair or fixed-length types of files to send on the Tax Administration electronically.

Tool for multiple file filings

Go to page Templates to download the tool for sending us more than one files at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions