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Municipal reporting of changes in zoned sites for buildings, changes in unbuilt sites

These templates help municipalities generate CSV files in order to send reports to the Tax Administration on changes in zoned sites for buildings and on changes in unbuilt sites. Guidance - Generating CSV files.

Accessory Tool showing the country codes that TaMo can accept for different information flows

TaMo-acceptable ISO3166 country codes, tax-treaty signatory countries, and EU member countries are listed in the Tool

Templates to help you create files

These Excel template forms let you create a name-value pair or a fixed-length file to send on to the Tax Administration electronically.

Excel worksheets are saved as xlsm files. To edit them, use Microsoft Excel 2007 or a later version. If your Excel version is the Office365 Excel, open the worksheet file as a desktop version, and have your workstation use the Excel template. Do not use Open Office software.

Accessories for creating test files for the procedure of reporting on construction work

With these Excel forms you can create a name-value pair file for testing the procedure of reporting details on construction work, The Excel spreadsheets are not designated for production use. They lack formal checks of the specifications of data records.

The Excel spreadsheets are in the xlsm format. The forms need Microsoft Excel 2007 or a newer version in order to function correctly. Open Office products are not compatible.

Excel worksheets are no fillable forms i.e. you cannot produce a readymade tax return filing with them.

Tool for multiple file filings

This feature lets you send us multiple income tax returns, enclosures, employer payroll reports, other annual information and Periodic tax returns. When you use it you must make sure that all the files you want to submit are in the correct format and that they contain no unacceptable combinations of forms, in the same way as when you have sent files over the Ilmoitin so far.

Click "Launch" to start the application.