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New version of to be launched 26 March 2024


During the downtime, on 26 March 2024 between 7 am and 9 am, the website and its software interfaces are temporarily unavailable.

Key changes:

  • You can check and send annual information returns for 2024.
    • Checks, as defined in the data format specifications, of annual information returns for 2024 are added (data format specifications available on
  • This update contains finalised corrections to the deletion report of the 2023 Annual information return on foreign dividends (VSULKOSE), which previously could not be sent at all.
  • The update also contains process-related corrections to the "Tilinpaatos" (up to tax year 2023) and "Vahvistettu tilinpaatos" (from tax year 2024 on) file attachments.
  • For CRS/DAC2 and WHT information returns, bank code 798 is now added denoting the VIVA bank, which is added to the accepted bank groups.
  • New information added to the General description of electronic filing (link)
    • Personal identity codes can be replaced by an updated artificial string, ppkkvvAUUUU. Accordingly, the following two artificial ID codes are now available for use: ppkkvv-UUUU and ppkkvvAUUUU.