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What does this website do for you?

Use this website service to

  • submit tax returns and other filings in electronic format
  • browse your earlier filings
  • run a check for making sure that the file format is correct is a web gateway for electronic submittal of software-generated tax filings that are set up according to the specified formats. There are no fillable web forms available at this site.

How to sign in?

Katso ID and Password

Users representing a company/organization must sign in with a Katso ID. If you do not have a Katso ID you can ask for it to be created for you in the Katso website ( If you have signed in with Katso identifiers you must use your Business ID in your tax return filings.

Personal ID

Self-employed agricultural and forestry taxpayers and self-employed businesses can submit personal filings when they have signed in with their Web bank identifiers. If you have signed in with your personal User ID and Password issued to you by a bank, use your personal identity code in your tax return filings.

Personal ID With an authorization thru

The individual filer enters their personal e-bank codes to sign in. The check of the authorization's validity is run by via the Trade Register system or the Business Information System. The individual's authorization to submit the filing is based on his or her job title (e.g. he or she is the Managing Director).

The Roles or titles that entitle the filer to submit filings on the Company's behalf.

Submittal of information on the Company's behalf is not allowed unless the logged-in individual is recognized by the Trade Register or Business Information System. Please check that the information is up-to-date.

What filings can you send?

Katso ID and password are for submitting income tax returns, annual information returns, returns for self-assessed taxes and construction reports to the Tax Administration electronically. The Katso e-Service also enables you to send notices and application letters to Kela and the Unemployment Insurance Fund. Methods of sign-in, Roles, rights to represent organizations page shows you what filings you can submit with Katso identifiers.

Operators of agriculture or forestry, and operators of a trade or business can log in with their personal e-bank security codes to file income tax returns, returns for self-assessed taxes, and some annual information returns. Methods of sign-in, Roles, rights to represent organizations page shows you what filings you can submit with personal web bank identifiers.