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New version of to be launched 26 November 2019


There will be a downtime on 26 November 2019 between 7 am and 9 am making both the website and its user interfaces temporarily unavailable.

Updated version has the following features:

  • The check processes #1133 and #1134 were changed into "messages" in the VSOSERIE annual information return for 2019.
  • Filing and check of CbC group reports for 2020, Notification of reporting obligation, is now available.
  • Added a new data element and a number of new check processes to VSRMUUKV, the information flow on Self-assessed taxes, for 2020 tax periods.

Information to software developers regarding this version update


  • Added accessories for creating test files for the reporting scheme on construction work, and added several related check processes
    • testing continues to be available on for new filings created according to the latest specifications of data records on construction work
    • The previous restriction for reporting periods, 10/2019, has been withdrawn from the site
  • Added accessories for Municipal reporting of changes in zoned sites for buildings, changes in unbuilt sites. This report is available.
  • A link is now available in the "IT developers (components)" section of to the technical description and instructions for use of Apitamo_PKI. Links to downloadable ApitamoPKIClient files are made available.


  • Updated check processes for the 2019 VSOSERIE annual information return (the specification is on
  • Added the new "Equity savings account - amount withheld and tax at source (065)" data element to VSRMUUKV, the self-assessed taxes flow (the specification is on
  • Format and TaMo checks of the data flow for the reporting obligation of CbC Group Reports for 2020 are added (the specification is on