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Katso service changes SSL certificates


Katso service changes SSL certificates

Katso service changes its SSL certificates. This change will only affect the users of the ApiTaMo client. In the test service (, the certificates were changed on 4 January 20178. In the production environment (, the new certificates are taken into use on 16 January 2018. As the SSL certificates are changed, the root and intermediate certificates change, as well. The new certificates are supplied by Entrust. It is extremely important that all proper certificates can be found in the TrustStore for ApiTaMo clients that use


If you have problems using ApiTaMo, you can download the new certificates from the Entrust website: Root Certificate and Intermediate Certificate


TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.1 protocols are taken out of use

As the certificates were changed in the Katso test environment (, TLSv1.2 was made the only acceptable SSL handshake protocol. The ApiTaMo client can no longer be recognised with the earlier protocol versions. The move to the new protocol will also be implemented in the production environment ( during the spring. More information on when the change will happen in the production environment ( will be available at a later date.