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New version of to be launched on 7 June 2022


From 7 am to 9 am on 7 June, the service is down and both the website and its software interfaces are temporarily unavailable.

Key changes:

  • Ilmoitin:
    • The error notifications of deletion returns specify the erroneous section more clearly.
    • When the return is being sent, the erroneous files are indicated more clearly. The link says ?Notification? instead of ?OK?.
    • The notification #1685 on Form 71B has been changed: it will not appear if fields 089 and 474 are empty.
    • Software Developers site:
      • The example materials have been updated to include:
        • the employer?s tax number and registration requests (VERONUME)
        • a fixed-length file
        • a name:value file
      • Katso references have been removed.
  • ApiTamoPKI interface:
    • The error in the processing of tax card materials relating to the last possible retrieval date (i.e. the error that prevented retrieval on 28 February) has been fixed.
  • TRACE:
    • The register of authorised intermediaries has been updated.
    • WRP101 and WRP102: removal of return (void) TRACE704 restriction date changed to 31 March.
    • WRP101: New check: AI/AIIN and OtherAI/IN cannot have the same value.
    • MessageRefId check that specifies WRP101 and WRP102 (when sending multiple messages at the same time) has been added to the web background processing.